Home Sweet Home

On November 30, 2018 we got the keys to our new home in Anacortes.  It is gorgeous and we are very happy to finally have a home base in the USA again after two plus years of being gypsies.


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The Fun Continues

After five months our construction project in Anacortes is beginning to look like a house.  Not quite a home but definitely a house.

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The Fun Has Begun

The best news this week is we have found a furnished place to stay in Anacortes while the house is being built.  It’s great we will be able to unpack our clothes and relax in a space just for us for the next six months.  We are so looking forward to living in our new home town, Anacortes, Washington.

Almost three months into construction and the house is starting to take shape.

After months of anticipation we can see the house in Anacortes becoming a reality.  We arrived from our winter in Mexico in mid April and the foundation walls were just being formed.  Late this week they will be ready to start framing.

The view is even more awesome than we thought.

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Anacortes Here We Come

After living in Bellevue for over 40 years we sold the wonderful view home in which we had raised our family.  It was the right move at the right time.  The kids are all still in the Puget Sound area and thought it was a good idea for us to “downsize”.

But the kids apparently don’t know Chuck.  Instead of downsizing to a great condo, he wanted to build another home.  I was with the kids and because we already had a great house in Mexico I thought a condo where it was easy to button it up and leave sounded great.  Well, Chuck got his way.

We just signed a contract to build a beautiful home in Anacortes, Washington.  The view we have from this home is at least as good as the one from our Bellevue home.

Although I did not originally endorse this project.  I am really excited about the home we will build here.  We have met many wonderful people and have already been welcomed into the neighborhood.  We hope to be in our new home by Christmas and over the next few months I will keep you all posted on the progress of our home.

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We can work from our casa in Mexico

This was our second year spending a significant amount of time in our casa in Mexico. It was so very nice to spend the winter months where the temperature was closer to 75 than 45.

Chuck found that he could in fact talk to folks from Mexico as easily as talking to folks from Bellevue. He could in fact do a business overview presentation from Mexico almost as easily as from Bellevue. We had a few bumps along the way in finding an internet provider that would consistently provide us with sufficient bandwidth but by the time we left in late April we were convinced that the we had the solution. All this and yet he is only a two hour plane ride away from the US.

Not only did we prove this would work for us but we also got a significant amount of work done on our home. It is now ready to receive guests. We have a terrific courtyard garden and a wonderful viewing deck that provides a 360 degree view.

Chuck is enjoying our wonderful deck.

Chuck is enjoying our wonderful deck.

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